Nintendo sold record breaking 10.2 million Wiis in US in 2008

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Nintendo sold record breaking 10.2 million Wiis in US in 2008

Redmond (WA) – According to NPD Group’s statistics, in 2008 Nintendo managed to sell 10.17 million Wii game consoles in the United States, breaking sales records. Nintendo’s DS handheld game device also sold 9.95 million units last year, the success of which is largely attributed to the DSi’s delay in this country.

NPD reports that of all video game consoles sold in the U.S. in 2008, 55% of them were Wiis. In 2008, the video game industry as a whole saw a 19% increase in revenue over 2007 to $21.33 billion. Overall 2008 video game hardware sales were up 11% to $7.81 billion. Overall 2008 video game software sales were up 26% to $10.96 billion. And overall 2008 video game accessories were up 14% to $2.57 billion.

Nintendo took top the top four slots in game units sold in 2008 as well. At #1) Nintendo sold 5.28 million Wii Play with Wii Remote games, at #2) 5 million Mario Kart Wii, at #3) 4.53 million Wii Fit, and at #4) 4.17 million Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In December sales alone, Nintendo sold 2.15 million Wiis and 3.04 million DS units. This compares to other game consoles including Xbox 360 at 1.44 million, Sony PS2 at 410,000, Sony PSP at 1.02 million and Sony PS3 at 726,000.

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