Nintendo DSi coming to U.S. in April

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Nintendo DSi coming to U.S. in April

United States – IGN has started a rumor that the successor to Nintendo’s DS Lite, The DSi, will hit U.S. store shelves in April for $179.99. The devices have already sold more than one million units in Japan for the equivalent of $211.

There are not many changes to the new DSi appearance-wise. However, it does have two built-in 3 megapixel cameras, an SD Card slot that allows for AAC audio content playback, a slightly larger screen, 256MB of internal memory, and downloadable DSi games via the DSi Shop. The one drawback is a lowered battery life.

The new DSi is not compatible with GBA games, Guitar Hero: On Tour, or the Nintendo DS rumble pack – because the front slot is not on the new device.

Nintendo of America said last October that it did not feel necessary to release the DSi in 2008 for the holiday season as its predecessor’s sales were continuing at “phenomenal rates.”