Gray Wolves no longer endangered

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Gray Wolves no longer endangered

Washington (DC) – On Wednesday the Bush administration announced that Gray Wolves in the Midwest and the northern Rocky Mountains would be removed from the endangered species list. The Gray Wolf is an animal that goes back and forth between been safe, and protected. The decision would apply to wolves in Idaho, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, and Minnesota.

Even though this should represent a huge step in conservation, environmentalists are disappointed and hope Obama will reverse this decision after he is inaugurated, even going so far as to sue if Obama doesn’t reverse the decision.

Spokespeople for Obama claim that he will review all of the 11th hour regulations and address them when he is sworn in as President.

The Gray Wolf is an animal that is debated heavily in the West. Right before the Clinton administration took office, the populations of the Gray Wolf had reduced significantly. The animals were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and the populations quickly thereafter began to increase.

Previously, the Bush Administration had been stopped on numerous occasions from removing the Gray Wolf from the list by court rulings.

Environmentalists claim that if they sued again the administration would lose, as the wolf population is not big enough yet to be a candidate for recovery.