Google begins denying Google Video uploads

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Google begins denying Google Video uploads

Mountain View (CA) – Google is looking to trim the fat from its global operations. The company will be looking for ways to replace or close non-performing or lesser-performing areas of its business. The first to go? Google Video, Google Catalog Search and Google Notebook.

The changes were derived from information found on Google’s blogs. Google will not be shutting down these services. Existing users don’t need to worry about whether or not their content will be lost, or whether they’ll be able to use those services tomorrow. The only changes visible will be behind the scenes, meaning Google will stop writing new software and developing those business areas. They will simply maintain those areas as they currently exist.

The change also means no new content can be uploaded to Google Video, though all existing content will remain and be searchable as always. Google Catalog Search is an application that makes it possible to search the full text of product catalogs. Google Notebook is an application that lets users organize clips of information when conducting research online.

Google owns YouTube, and is likely shutting down its video business in favor of its acquisition. They have updated their FAQ page to answer user’s questions.