Giving Steve Jobs Up – Apple Do The Right Thing

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Giving Steve Jobs Up - Apple Do The Right Thing

Cupertino (CA) – Steve Jobs is obviously sick. He is taking six months medical leave. He
has been, for some time now, the subject of all sorts of rumors. This
is a guy who because of, not despite of, his arrogance and personality
is not to be taken lightly, yet, it seems that the man’s health is more
of a worry for business reasons, instead of being a humanitarian issue.
Why can’t the Apple faithful just give the guy a break and let him go quietly and in peace?

Personally, I don’t care much for Apple or Steve Jobs, any more than I do for any other business executive or company. Sure, I have an interest but not enough to get emotional about it, but damn, Jobs is sick, and apart from the usual sycophantic drivel, and ridiculous stock market analysis, there isn’t enough being said about wanting the guy to go off into the sunset with some dignity, and peace. He is, after all, a human being, and hasn’t commited any crimes, or hurt anyone. By the same token, the fate of the free world does not rest on his shoulders. He can take it easy, and the world will go on and be just fine.

I have no idea how sick he is, and I hope that whatever he has going on will get dealt with appropriately and to his betterment. Therefore, it is even more important for me to say, Give the guy a break, pat him on the back for all that he has achieved, and tell him to go find his health and be at peace. In other words, Dude, take it easy and screw what the Apple board wants or the faithful cry out for. Get a hobby, be a man of leisure, do something that does not have everyone salivating at every detail of your diet or bowel movements.

Steve Jobs is rich, comfortable, has a legacy that is untouchable, and Apple will still be there next year and the year after that. There will be other visionaries, and other milestones. There won’t be another life, and in a few years time, history’s memory of the man won’t mean very much to the man himself. It all comes down to what’s left of the life he has.

But, I am guessing he knows this, and that maybe a long hiatus is his way of easing himself out without causing major cardiac arrest to Apple watchers, a bunch of selfish bastards right now, if you ask me. Let’s hope Jobs retires, is healthy, and opens up a new chapter in his life. One that isn’t about people hanging on to every beat of his heart, and trading his company’s stock on the downbeat.