Analysts say Dell is planning its own Smartphone

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Analysts say Dell is planning its own Smartphone

Round Rock (TX) – With all of the smartphones on the market it’s not a surprise that every company that possibly can wants to capitalize on their popularity. Analysts now believe Dell might have one in the works, ready to make a debut hitting the shelves as early as next month.

The announcement is expected to come at 3GSM, or the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona around mid-February, claim some analysts.

There has been speculation that Dell would make a move into the smartphone market for quite a while. In 2007, Ron Garriques was hired by Dell from Motorola. Garriques is known for being the brains behind the RAZR phone, and it was this move that started the speculative anticipation.

Analysts believe that since Garriques has been on staff now for 2 years, Dell may finally be ready to come forward with something outside of the PC market.

As for now, the exact timing of Dell’s launch is unknown, but sources are claiming that this is definitely going to happen.

More than likely Dell would utilize the Windows Mobile platform, though this speculation is based solely on Dell’s relationship with Microsoft. If true, Dell’s device could be the driving force which brings Windows mobile back as an excellent platform.

Another issue that Dell would have to overcome would be design, which has not always been the company’s forte.

In a research note, Shaw Wu, an analyst with Kaufman Bros said, “The exact timing of Dell’s launch is not clear but our sources indicate it is closer to reality than before. We believe it is likely inevitable that Dell enter the cellphone space given the cannibalization of PCs by smartphones and highly functional mobile devices.”

For nearly two years Dell has been working closely with component suppliers and manufacturers while paying attention to the cellphone market.

Dell will have great competition in the smartphone market. Just last year alone Apple, HTC, and RIM have debuted amazing touchscreen devices, and now with the launch Palm’s new device, the market is getting a stiffer still.

The smartphone market was extremely successful this year, with the devices capturing 14 percent of the 2008 cellphone sales market with a total of nearly 258 million devices sold, with sales expected to increase in 2009.

Dell wants in on this booming industry. The question will remain whether or not Dell is capable of debuting a device that can compete with the iPhone and Google’s Android. As the company is not answering any questions right now, I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.