Cops in Mumbai say unsecure Wi-Fi aids terrorists

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Cops in Mumbai say unsecure Wi-Fi aids terrorists

Mumbai (India) – A tool that has recently been utilized by terrorists is one that many feel needs to be eliminated. Among individuals who feel the need to shut down free and open Wi-Fi are the Mumbai police. The Times of India reported today that “several police teams, armed with laptops and Internet-enabled mobile phones, will randomly visit homes to detect unprotected networks.”

If Wi-Fi in a particular location is not secured or password protected, then the policeman on duty will be able to issue a notice to the owner of the connection – forcing that individual to make it secure. People that are found to be repeat offenders will receive “notices under the Criminal Procedure Code.”

The police point out that the e-mails pegging the responsible parties in the New Delhi and Ahmedabad attacks were sent via open wireless networks.

The fear of the police is that cyber-criminals can utilize unprotected IP addresses.

Cyber cafes are now required to install surveillance cameras in many Indian cities, and all customers must reveal their identity prior to using the Internet.

It will take a lot of effort for Mumbai to actually block all security threats. A survey completed by the Sherriff’s Brigade of Mumbai proved that 80 percent of local Wi-Fi networks were unlocked.