Students give NASA’s inflatable Antarctic habitat a historic name

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Students give NASA's inflatable Antarctic habitat a historic name

Washington (DC) – NASA and the Challenger Center announced today the winning name of an inflatable Antarctic habitat that will be disassembled and returned to the United States later this month. The name was chosen after the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle: Resolution.

The contest began in the Fall of 2008, and was administered via a Space Act Agreement between NASA and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education to 6th – 10th graders who submitted their entries for consideration. The winning name was submitted by 9th grade students at Holy Cross High School in Delran, NJ.

In January, 1773, under the command of Captain James Cook, HMS Resolution crossed the Antarctic circle. The Holy Cross students said the new habitat represents advancements in technology, much as Cook’s ship did. The students also pointed out that the word “resolution” aptly describes America’s intent to explore space.

The inflatable habitat was shipped to Antarctica’s McMurdo Station on November 14, 2008. It presently operates there and is scheduled to be disassembled and shipped back to the U.S. later this month. Future versions of the habitat are intended by NASA to be used on other worlds. The habitat looks like a semi-round tube with a doorway landing on one end, and a sealed end on the other.

The development and deployment of the habitat was funded through NASA’s Innovative Partnership Program’s Seed Fund Initiative, with in-kind resource contributions from the National Science Foundation and ILC Dover of Frederica, Delaware (the manufacturer).