Rumors are true about the new Prius

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Rumors are true about the new Prius

Tokyo (Japan) – Toyota Motor Corporation has finally put an end to the rumors flying around regarding the Prius by unveiling the newly redesigned model, which gets 50 miles per gallon, beating the current Prius and its 46 mpg combined rating.

Even though photos were leaked a while back, there were still more details being released on the new vehicle as the all new Prius has gone through dramatic alterations not only under the hood but also aesthetically.


2010 Toyota Prius

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Toyota has said the third generation Prius is now more efficient than ever due to a more efficient engine and smaller, lighter components.

The solar-moonroof rumors are also true, but not in the way they were originally imagined. Embedded on the roof will be solar cells used for generating power. Rather than having a solar-powered air conditioning system however, the new Prius instead will have a solar-powered ventilation system. This pre-cools the car interior on hot day, taking some of the work away from the air-conditioner – thus saving the time it’s needed on full blast.

The entire powertrain has also been redesigned in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency. Drivers have the option of running the vehicle in full electric mode, which can be done for up to a mile in very safe driving conditions such as in a parking lot, or a downtown area.

Drivers can also now change chassis settings for sport driving or optimum efficiency. The interior has also gone through a complete redesign as well, and it has more legroom and cargo space. The new Prius is set to hit the roads this spring with a modest $22,000 price tag.

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