ioSafe Solo drive guards against fire and water

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ioSafe Solo drive guards against fire and water

Auburn (CA) – Consumers fleeing from their homes in the wake of flooding waters may not think to grab external hard drives containing important data. The need falls then to have a consumer product which could withstand, at least for a period of time, exposure to extreme elements. That’s the idea behind the new ioSafe Solo, which starts around $150.

The ioSafe Solo has been designed based upon ioSafe’s experiences as a supplier of enterprise NAS appliance solutions. The Solo unit, housing up to 1.5TB of data storage, is rated by its maker to protect data from loss in fire temperatures up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit, and flood protection down to a 10 foot depth for 3 days. IoSafe also throws in an additional data recovery coverage in case the Solo is damaged and the company is unable to directly recover the information.

Fire protection technologies behind this consumer product include cooling vents which normally provide a cooling air-flow during regular operations, but close automatically when external heat levels become too high. It also has insulation which releases cooling water vapor when temperatures reach above 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Water damage is guarded against via a waterproof vapor barrier.

The ioSafe Solo connects to PCs, Macs or Linux computers with a USB 2.0 interface and is available now.