YouTube and Congress Teaming up to live broadcast

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YouTube and Congress Teaming up to live broadcast

San Bruno (CA) – YouTube is looking to get their foot in the political door as the company plans to offer its online audience a peek into the political world that is Capitol Hill. The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate will both have an equal opportunity to reach out to the public using one of its favorite video websites.

On Monday, Congress and YouTube will launch two new web pages – one for the House of Representatives and one for the Senate. Our nations’ lawmakers will be able to create their own video channels on the site. Users will be able to easily navigate via a U.S. map as they search for their own elected official’s video pages.

Each Congress member will be allowed complete control over his or her channel. The House and Senate pages will each highlight different congress members on a rotating basis, and will host events like a community chat – thus giving individuals the chance to interact with their elected officials.

Currently, several Congress members already have their own YouTube pages, but YouTube is hoping to get more political involvement by dedicating a specific area of its site directly to our representatives.

Of the many lawmakers already using YouTube, some posts clips from news appearances, special events or other items related to their administration’s goals. Others even create their own unique content which directly showcases their work or draws attention to pressing matters or issues they are involved with.

This website gives government leaders the opportunity to interact with its citizenry.

During the 2008 Election, both Democrat and Republican candidates utilized YouTube and other social networks as a venue for getting out their agendas, and communicating with voters.

In the past, government officials have been limited in their online communication because of franking rules. But, after much debate the franking rules have been relaxed in both houses of Congress giving YouTube the opportunity move forward with these interactive and informative web pages.

At this point who knows if YouTube will be able to draw a great viewership from these channels, but it is interesting to watch as politics takes a new, more technologically advanced direction.

YouTube doesn’t think they will benefit financially from the channels, as they will not carry advertisements. At this point YouTube and Congress do not have an exclusive agreement, which means the videos can be posted on other social networks, and websites.

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