Chipotle now has an iPhone Application

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Chipotle now has an iPhone Application

Denver (CO) – A new iPhone application from Mexican fast-food chain Chipotle is taking mobile applications in a completely new direction, affording consumers and companies the ability to make their lives simpler. A mobile ordering application will allow you to place your order from wherever you are via your phone, even in advance of arriving at the store.

According to the MacRumors iPhone blog
the application lets users use the touch screen on the phone to choose food, and individuals can even customize their order adding items like extra cheese or more guacamole. After you have placed your order you can then pay using a credit card, and the order will be sent to the nearest Chipotle location for easy pick up.

This is not the first time that this concept has been tested. Last year Phil Lu did a similar mock up of this application for Starbucks. The application would allow a user to order their favorite drink, customize and pay for it without being forced to wait in the lengthy, and often times irritating Starbucks line.

For some companies, such an application would require more employees and wouldn’t be the most cost effective, while others are already capable of utilizing online ordering staff already in place and could merely add this to their revenue stream.

If you have an iPhone, the Chipotle Mobile Ordering application is now available, however, and here’s the catch: it is not available in the United States … yet. I guess you American Chipotle lovers will just have to wait.