UPDATE 2: Mobile WiMAX market quadrupled in Q3’2008

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UPDATE 2: Mobile WiMAX market quadrupled in Q3'2008

Redwood City (CA) – A recent publication by Dell’Oro Group claims the worldwide mobile WiMAX infrastructure revenues quadrupled in Q3’2008 as compared to one year previous.

While Dell’Oro’s Senior Analyst of Mobile Infrastructure, Scott Siegler, projects Q4’2008 to set another record, in looking forward to 2009 he expects the industry to be struck by the global economic downturn.

Recently, Portland became the first U.S. city to go fully 4G with a WiMAX introduction.

See Yahoo! Finance.

UPDATED: January 12, 2009 at 1:33pm CST
Dell’Oro’s Chief Operating Officer, Margaret Miles, told TG Daily that the WiMAX report was not funded by any agency. Dell’Oro initiates, compiles and produces reports which are sold for profit. The company has several members who subscribe to their reports, including now members of the Mobile WiMAX industry.

UPDATE #2: January 12, 2009 at 5:00pm CST
The report’s Senior Analyst, Scott Siegler, told TG Daily that in 2007, worldwide total mobile WiMAX revenue was about $200 million. Based on the first three quarters, and what Dell’Oro is expecting to happen in Q4, they are forecasting an $800 million worldwide total revenue for 2008.

A significant portion of the 2008 growth came from new products and contract wins, according to Siegler. He said that in 2007 WiMAX was essentially a buzz-word with little infrastructure to back it up. That has changed in 2008, and will continue to change in 2009. Currently, North America represents approximately 15% of the global mobile WiMAX market.

It was also noted that the recent Portland roll-out was relatively small, on the order of “180 base stations,” according to Siegler. He says this is similar in size to Baltimore’s market – where Sprint recently rolled out Xohm (WiMAX). Sprint will began rolling out Xohm to additional select cities later this year.