Child’s GPS wristwatch lets parents keep track of kids

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Child's GPS wristwatch lets parents keep track of kids

Great Britain – A company called Lok8u has created a GPS Child Locator device called num8 (new mate) which attaches securely to a child’s wrist. It contains an embedded GPS and cellular transeiver which broadcasts the child’s location so long as it is on the child’s wrist. If taken off, it immediately texts an emergency message to the programmed mobile phone showing the location via Google Maps.

A spokesman for the manufacturer, Matthew Salmon, said “It uses GPS and GSM (Global System for Mobiles) technology with an accuracy of 10 feet (three meters). It only starts working when the device is connected to the child’s wrist … [and is] very difficult to get off.”

He continued, “Even if the child managed to get it off it would send an emergency text message through to your mobile phone. It would give you a Google Maps image with their exact location, the street name and the zip code.”

To operate the waterproof device, the parent texts the message “wru” (where are you?”) to the child’s wrist device. The location is then sent back as a text message to the parent’s mobile phone.

The device also has the ability to operate a type of invisible fence, allowing a message to be sent as soon as the child leaves a predefined area.

The device will be ultimately be available in both the United States and Great Britain for the equivalent of $200, plus a $10 per month required subscription.

The spokesman said the company has already received thousands of inquiries on the device. So far, “Fifty percent are positive, 50 percent are negative – that it’s a bit Big Brotherish,” said Salmon.


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