CES 2009: Creative Goes Sound Blaster Happy for iTunes

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CES 2009: Creative Goes Sound Blaster Happy for iTunes

Las Vegas (NV) – Creative is getting deeper into iTunes/iPods territory as the likes of it and Sony continue to concede to Apple’s iPod dominance. The latest evidence to support the “if you can’t beat them, join them” movement is the new Sound Blaster for iTunes, announced today and pricing around $100.

The Sound Blaster for iTunes, said Creative, is about the size of a USB thumb drive and connects to a USB port on a computer. It allows one to wirelessly connect a PC or Mac to speakers when listening to iTunes or MP3 music, which suggests you can probably use this setup with any media program.

Music broadcast from this device can be played back wirelessly through various wireless Creative speakers or headphones in up to four different zones around the home. Other powered speaker systems can also be tied via special Creative wireless receivers.

Creative says any music played through its SoundBlaster for iTunes will sound better via its audio enhancing X-Fi technology. Consumers will be able to test this out for themselves when it becomes available in the spring.