Some odd 2009 predictions, including a $900 iPhone

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Some odd 2009 predictions, including a $900 iPhone

Chicago (IL) – I personally have always felt that free thinking should be encouraged and condoned. I love to hear the opinions of tech geniuses, and gadget gurus as to what the future in technology holds for me. Even if the concepts are off the wall, outrageous, or ridiculous it’s still fun to ponder, right?

Some free thinkers on the website Freedom to Tinker are in the works with some major predictions for 2009- some seem to be right on the money, others well, not so much.

Some of the predictions are that “DRM technology will still fail to prevent widespread infringement,” and that the RIAA will still sue individuals for copyright infringement even though they’ve said they want to move into Internet cancellation via ISPs. Some individuals on the site are even speculating that the Obama administration will go after copyright infringers based on data from server logs of different private BitTorrent communities, and prosecute them criminally.

Among the more outrageous predictions is that Apple will be releasing a netbook that will be a heavy duty iPhone packing an 8” screen and folding keyboard that will be priced in the $899 range. Now that would be interesting. I wonder how many would buy that type of iPhone netbook for $900?

Tinkers are also making predictions regarding The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – since the Lori Drew case. There is sure to be a bunch of bandwagoners who feel that they’ve been wronged by individuals violating TOS on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Could be interesting.

These predictions are fun, intriguing, and nice to ponder seeing as how some of them could quite possibly come true. We’re curious if the TG Daily readers have any ones they’d like to offer?