Obama won’t give up his Blackberry without a fight

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Obama won't give up his Blackberry without a fight

Washington (DC) – President-elect Barack Obama has been described as always being joined at the hip to his Blackberry – literally. And, even though it’s been said he’ll have to give it up before stepping into the White House as President, he’s working to keep that from happening.

On Thursday, Obama stated he was still “in a scuffle” regarding the Blackberry. He feels a need to continuously be connected to the outside world and “everyday life,” much like the rest of us.

White House officials are nervous that a president’s e-mails could be subpoenaed by Congress, and be potentially subject to public records laws. This doesn’t stop Obama, however, from holding out hope for the device. He stated in an interview on NBC’s Today show that “they’re going to have to pry it out of my hands.”

He does not want to lose contact with his friends and the other individuals he’s been in contact with throughout the campaign. He has no idea as to whether or not he will win this particular battle, but his current plans are to continue fighting.

Traditionally, the President is assigned several secretaries which carry out roles and functions that might otherwise be ascribed to a Blackberry by someone like a non-President.