CES 2009: Netgear debuts new Internet set-top boxes

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CES 2009: Netgear debuts new Internet set-top boxes

Las Vegas (NV) – Netgear is taking this week’s Consumer Electronics Show to unveil two new Internet-connected set-top boxes for those looking to enjoy online video content. These are the Internet TV Player (ITV2000) and Digital Entertainer Elite (EVA9150), priced around $200 and $400, respectively.

The ITV2000 is a more straight up Internet set-top device. It is slightly larger than a deck of cards and requires an Ethernet connection, though a wireless USB adapter can be plugged in as well. It will, when it becomes available this summer, offer access to a wide arrange of Internet content, including CNN, YouTube, CinemaNow, BitTorrent and ESPN. It includes a built-in Internet video search engine to help find relevant content.

The EVA9150 is more of a rounded home media device. Besides being able to enjoy content from the Internet like the ITV2000 provides, a built-in 500GB hard drive allows for storage of a wide array of audio, video and photo digital file formats. It also scours one’s home network and adds all the media files it finds into an organized library. Video quality is rated at up to 1080p.

The EVA9150 also has a feature which, when multiple units are in one home, allows a video to be paused in one room and resumed in another. This same function will also let the same music be played in multiple rooms at the same time. This box will be available in February.


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