CES 2009: AVN4430 in-dash unit includes detachable GPS device

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CES 2009: AVN4430 in-dash unit includes detachable GPS device

Las Vegas (NV) – How many fun, but potentially distracting options can one have in an in-car entertainment system? If its the new Eclipse AVN4430 from Fujitsu, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the number of options is quite high.

This new in-dash head unit, pricing around $850 when it goes on sale this month, is most noted for its detachable navigation portion. This allows for GPS functionality on the go, provided by technology partner TomTom. This removable device sports a 4.3-inch display which is touchscreen and offers many functions found in other TomTom devices, such as various navigation devices, hands-free calling and voice recognition.

Other features of the AVN4430 include CD/DVD support, iPod audio/video playback, a motorized tilting front panel which hides the disc slot, on-screen display of the iPod functions, a USB port, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls and a rear view camera capability.

The Eclipse AVN4430 garnered itself as well an award at the 2009 CES event, being named as an “Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering” honoree.