Positive signs for some memory makers in December

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Positive signs for some memory makers in December

Taipei (Taiwan) – Two leading memory makers, Transcend Information and A-Data Technologies, posted better-than-expected revenues for December, 2008. Transcend’s revenues were up 11.16% over November, while A-Data’s revenues were up 21.97% from November, though down 32.98% on the year due to falling ASPs.

Both Transcend and A-Data showed positive gains in a market where ASPs of DRAM and NAND flash products fell 50% and 57.3% over last year’s figures, respectively, and most memory makers are projecting or showing notable losses.

Transcend shipped 9.96 million units in December, up 103.56% from 2007. A-Data’s shipments were up 37.72%.

See DigiTimes.com.


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