SanDisk debuts Button Backup USB Flash Drive, other drives

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SanDisk debuts Button Backup USB Flash Drive, other drives

Milpitas (CA) – Today, SanDisk launched some new USB flash drives, including what it describes as the world’s first “push button backup USB drive.” These new flash drives range in storage capacity from 4GB to 64GB and price from around $25 to $200.

The new Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive offers its own built-in backup software solution, which is available when touching a button on the drive, according to SanDisk. No cables or separate software installations are required for the backup, and the drive offers two layers of security protection in the form of password-protected access control and AES hardware-based encryption.

SanDisk also refreshed its Cruzer line of drives to look more contemporary. These changed looks include L body shapes, red USB connectors and a capless design. A glowing amber light lets users know when the connected drive is ready for reading or writing data. The Cruzer line will continue to include U3 technology, allowing users to run applications directly from the drives.

Also kept by SanDisk are the Extreme Contour USB flash drives, noted for fast data transfer speeds and two layers of security. The new Backup and Cruzer drives will be out in April, while the Contour drives are available now.