Intel and Jobs sued for $5 billion, Claim: stole virtualization technology

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Intel and Jobs sued for $5 billion, Claim: stole virtualization technology

Ontario (Oregon, USA) – A man named Matthew Robert Young has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Oregon against Intel Corporation and Steve Jobs personally, should his presence be deemed necessary by Intel. His filing demands a jury trial and requests an “extrodinary hearing” (sic).

Young is currently a “State prisoner confined in the Oregon Department of Corrections, Snake River Correctional Institution.” He has brought this civil action suit to court claiming he told Jobs about virtualization technology, and when Jobs passed on the technology he told Intel about it.

Young also claims he is currently being “unlawfully held and restrained of his liberty and freedom in the Snake River Correctional Institution … which subject matter is currently being brought on a separate civil action…”

On page 6 of the court filing, Young declares:

“[THAT], If anyone in the world today can come before this Court, at an evidentiary hearing, and present to this Court a creditable challenge, (which would be during an Evidentiary Hearing Held Before this Court, wherein All of the parties are provided time chance and the opportunity to present to this court the actual applications for these commercially valuable products), which are known as the [Core-2 Duo Micro Processor, and Virtual Technology], allegedly invented by Intel Corporation, then pro se plaintiff agrees to be HELD liable for the Ten Thousand Dollar [$10,000.00] civil fine fees. But first here is pro se plaintiffs standing upon factual contention as required in part by FRCP Rule 11, which pertains to [the proprietary information, the actual trade secrets] of the true application of the [Core-2 Duo micro processor, and Virtual Technology], of which Intel Corporation only knows the potential Applications of these Technology products, as Intel Corporation was provided by Mr. Steve Jobs, and not it true Technological Trade Secret Designs that will make these commercially valuable Technology products work, and perfonn to their fullest ability, and capacities.”

He goes on to claim that he can prove it with a live demonstration before the court:

“Pro se plaintiff is the only person in the world at present who knows how to make both the [Core-2 Duo micro processor, and the Virtual Technology] work, and pro se plaintiffcan in fact come before this U S District Court and prove it by a factual DEMONSTRATION,” and that “plaintiff declares here that this action is a JUST cause, and not for harassment purposes…”

In 2003, Young wanted Jobs to help him develop and market his intellectual property and patentable invention, or to buy it from him for $250 million. Young claims Jobs never responded to his requests, but instead forwarded the intellectual property to Intel. This, in turn, allowed Intel to make virtualization technology work with Core 2 Duo.

I won’t continue any further with this article as I believe the validity of his claim is self-evidenced. In truth, if this case is not thrown out of court in an outright and expedient manner, then I really don’t know what I’ll do.