Samsung announces “green” SSDs

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Samsung announces “green” SSDs

Las Vegas (NV) – Solid state disk (SSD) drives have the reputation to consume a fraction of the power of hard drives, but it might surprise some that high-performance SSDs can actually consume more power than an average 1.8” hard drive. Samsung says it has developed a new enterprise SSD that consumes less than one third of the power of a typical 2.5” enterprise hard drive and offers ten times the speed of the fastest enterprise hard drive currently available.

The new SS805 SSD, announced today at the Storage Visions 2009 Conference, offers a capacity of 100 GB and is target at servers for applications such as video on demand, streaming media content delivery, internet data centers, virtualization and on-line transaction processing. Samsung said that the 2.5” unit reads data sequentially at 230 MB per second and writes sequentially at 180 MB/s.  

At least in theory, the performance of the SS805 is about 10 times faster than the fastest 15K rpm SAS HDD available for transactional data workloads, with a random read speed of 25K and a random write speed of 6K. “The new drive can process as much as 100 times the number of IOPS per watt as a 15K rpm 2.5-inch SAS HDD in applications where higher performance and lower power consumption are both needed,” Samsung promises.  

According to the manufacturer, the SSD consumes about 1.9 watts of power in active mode and 0.6 watts in idle mode. That number compares to 15K enterprise hard drives that consume about 8 to 15 watts in active mode and 1 to 2 watts in idle mode. 2.5” 10K drives typically consume about 6 watts under load. However, some 1.8” mainstream hard drives that are focused on power efficiency consume just about 2 watts in active mode.    

Samsung did not reveal the price of the drive.