JVC to showcase “super-thin” LCD at CES

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JVC to showcase “super-thin” LCD at CES

Las Vegas (NV) – JVC said it has developed a thin and light LCD for upcoming 32” LCD TVs. The display will be shown at CES in Las Vegas later this week.

The new LCD is only 0.28” (7 mm) thick and weighs just 11 lbs, the company said. The device uses about 50% less material resources and about 10% fewer LCD module parts than current JVC 32” displays, but provides the same optical and heat-dissipation features.  Following a current industry trend, the LCD uses power-efficient LEDs as light source.  

A prototype of the new 1080p display will be at JVC’s booth at CES from January 7 – 10. The manufacturer did not say when the technology will be available for commercial products and how much such LCDs could cost.

However, the company said that it will use “this new technology to commercialize LCD solutions that enhance eco-friendly visual lifestyles” and that the compact size of the LCD “makes it possible to enhance visual environments in places where heavy displays are difficult to install, such as public spaces, amusement facilities, outlets, companies, schools and houses.”