The best five gadgets: From Acer’s N10J notebook to the iPhone 3G

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The best five gadgets: From Acer’s N10J notebook to the iPhone 3G

How often do you come across the question what to give for a birthday – and the simple answer that a gadget would be a good idea? That answer may be rather simple by itself, but it is no real solution to the problem what gadget should actually buy.

We recently stumbled across, which claims to list “the best of everything.” In fact, you could find “the best” products from virtually everything, from washing machines to vacuum cleaners to image editing software and hard drives. If you aren’t interested in reading through 30 pages of benchmarks, this site may actually be an interesting help in decision making, especially since there are reviews justifying the selection as a “best” product. Of course, the selection of a “best” product is based on a reviewer’s opinion.

In the gadget category, which may be a defined a bit to broad, but provide some ideas when looking for a “gadget”, the site lists Asus N10J-A2 notebook in first place, as well as Nintendo’s Wii Fit, Nikon’s D90 DSLR camera, Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPhone 3G in the spots two to five.

We here at TG Daily are actually a bit struck by the simplicity of the idea, which goes entirely against the monstrous hardware reviews we are generally used to. There is some tuning to do, but this looks to us like an interesting evolution over price comparison shopping sites.

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