Steve Jobs health rumor is back just in time for Macworld

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Steve Jobs health rumor is back just in time for Macworld

Opinion – We leave it up to you to make up your mind whether there are in fact health issues that prompted Steve Jobs to skip out of the final Macworld keynote in January.

We at TG Daily don’t know whether Apple is in fact stating the truth that it simply does not see any value in Macworld anymore, but we have to admit that it is rather strange that Steve Jobs does not deliver one last Macworld speech. But then, this final speech could be a nice platform to introduce a new CEO, if Jobs is tired of Apple and is simply packing his bags to spend more time with his family.

Given the way Apple’s PR handled the public concern of Jobs’ health, it should be no surprise that questions about Jobs’ health are surfacing once again. Gizmodo posted an article earlier today, accusing Apple of misrepresenting the true reasons for Jobs decision to stay away from Macworld. The site quotes industry source, which clearly points to Steve Jobs’ health and a possible retirement. There is plenty of room for interpretation of the message and Gizmodo spends a few lines on trying to figure out what the message could mean.

Gizmodo certainly could have handled the post differently and if someone’s health is concerned, common sense would suggest that an industry source, even if it was previously 100% correct, may not be enough for an article. However, Apple has not handled the Steve Jobs health topic with the necessary care either – and if Gizmodo’s report in fact is correct, the company is acting irresponsibly and is certain to face a financial blow and lawsuits: As of now, we have seen no preparations for a transition to a new CEO – zero, zilch, nada. Today, Apple is Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs is Apple. It is as simple as that.

However, we do hope that Steve Jobs is just fine and is simply ready to retire. If you think about what he has done for the company he founded since his return in 1997, the retirement is well-deserved.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.