LG announces first 480 Hz TV

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LG announces first 480 Hz TV

Seoul (Korea) – LG said it has developed the world’s first 480 Hz TV panel, achieving a refresh rate of 480 images per second.

LG said that the technology is enabled by combining existing 240 Hz panels with “scanning backlight”, which repeatedly turns the backlight on and off to reduce motion blur. According to the company, the panel also posts a low motion picture response time of 4 ms, which should eliminate motion blur to provide a realistic out-of-the-window view.

There are a few other new features in this panel, such as technologies to create more contrast and a greater brightness level, as well as the ability to adjust the backlight brightness to reduce the power consumption of the LCD panel.    

First 480 Hz LCD TVs are expected to hit the U.S. market in the second half of 2009, while a prototype of the TV will be shown to press and analysts during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. However, the TV will not be on the showfloor, but demonstrated in “a private room” in a Las Vegas hotel.   

LG did not provide further information such as resolution (we assume it will be 1080p), screen size and pricing. But we doubt the privilege of owning a 480 Hz TV will come cheap.