Buy an iPhone 3G at Walmart, save $2

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Buy an iPhone 3G at Walmart, save $2

Chicago (IL) – Walmart this morning announced that it will start selling Apple’s iPhone 3G on Sunday with a small discount over the iPhone’s sold at other retail outlets. 

These are difficult times and any discount matters to consumers. In the iPhone 3G, of course, there have not been any discounts so far and even Walmart, which today officially confirmed that it will begin selling the smartphone this weekend, the savings are pretty much negligible.

The retailer said that the iPhone 3G will be available at 2500 Walmart stores beginning Sunday, December 28, 2008. Not surprisingly, Walmart is selling the device for slightly less than the official retail price of $199 for the 8 GB model and $299 for the 16 GB version:  The “every day price” of the 8 GB iPhone 3G will be $197 and the 16 GB device will sell for $297.

Savings of $2 may be $2 more in your pocket, but any iPhone 3G buyer will have to be realistic and admit that those $2 won’t go far these days, especially since there are no discounts available for the 2-year iPhone 3G service plan, which all Walmart iPhone 3G buyers will have to sign-up for as well (iPhones will be activated by Walmart at the time of purchase.)

Add everything up, and the regular $199 iPhone 3G will cost at least somewhere between $2033.76 and about $2700 over a 2-year period, depending on where you live and which taxes and fees apply and assuming that you will stay within the limits of your voice plan. In a best case, the Walmart price translates into a 0.1% discount. Essentially, the Walmart announcement is not so much about the price of the phone, but about the expanded availability of the device, which is also sold at AT&T and Best Buy stores.