Opera releases version 9.63, security and stability fixes

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Opera releases version 9.63, security and stability fixes

Oslo (Norway) – The world’s fifth most popular web browser, Opera (behind IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome), released a new security and stability version 9.63.

Changes include an option to close a tab by double-clicking; enhanced mail, news and chat features; and the removal of several previous abilities which either exposed Opera’s memory or allowed arbitrary code to be run. Also, SVG images embedded with the IMG tag can no longer run Java or plugin content. Opera incorporates the Presto 2.1.1 user engine.

According to the changelog, the full details of the random exposing of data flaw will be disclosed at a later time. Opera is available for download on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, QNX, OS/2 and BeOS.


So far, future alpha or beta versions of Opera and Safari have already achieved the perfect score of 100/100 on the Acid3 web test, which means they are fully compliant with standards.

None of the current release versions achieve 100. Opera version 9.51 (released in early July, 2008) achieved 84/100. Upgrading to Opera 9.63 only increases the value 85. Firefox version 3.0.4 achieves 71. Safari 3.2.1 (525.27.1) also achieves 74, but throws up a red animal icon (a cat??) and says “LINKTEST FAILED”. Google Chrome achieves 79, but also displays the same red animal icon. IE7 has a completely distorted screen right out of the gate, and only achieves a 13. IE8 RC1 has been shown to only achieve a 12, despite Microsoft’s claims to better support for standards in IE8.