SimCity now building cities on iPhone screens

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SimCity now building cities on iPhone screens

Los Angeles (CA) – If you ever enjoyed building sandcastles on a beach and destroying it afterwards, there is a good chance that you were playing one of the many versions of SimCity on a PC as well. EA Mobile recently released an adaptation of the game for the iPhone which lets you create a finely structured city and, if you want to, bring sudden change through monsters or tornadoes.

SimCity for the iPhone and iPod touch is a relatively simply version of SimCity, but much more advanced than the initial PC release, which is floating around the Internet as Abandonware. Probably one of the most ingenious strategic video games ever created, the game allows players to create a city from the ground up, manage a mix of residential, commercial and industry structures, recreational facilities, government services, utilities (water, electricity, garbage, recycling) and taxes.    

This mobile version also includes landmark’s such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Washington Monument. If the game play gets boring and you have achieved a perfect synergy of all structures and services created, you can release a natural disaster or a monster to destroy portions of your city.

The game supports the touch screen features of the iPhone – you can zoom in an out by simply moving two fingers apart or together. EA sell the game for $10.

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