SRAM antitrust investigations closed against Hynix, not charged

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SRAM antitrust investigations closed against Hynix, not charged

Seoul (Korea) – On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Justice and E.U. Commission, in separate filings and findings, have informed Hynix Semiconductor America and Hynix Semiconductor that their respective investigations into possible antitrust violations regarding static random access memory (SRAM) are now closed. No charges have been filed and Hynix has now been exonerated.

The investigations began in October, 2006, and have continued until this pas Wednesday, when Hynix was notified the cases were closed. Hynix maintained that it had “committed no wrongdoing” throughout the investigation.

Said Mr. M. G. Choi, Hynix Senior VP of Corporate Strategy in the press release, “It is unfortunate that the current system requires companies to spend significant resources responding to such investigations, even if they are without a solid basis.”

Currently, class action lawsuits continue against Hynix. Said Choi, “These lawsuits were filed immediately after the investigations were made public, and the plaintiffs’ lawyers were evidently hoping to ride on the coattails of the government investigation. Now that they can no longer do so, we will vigorously pursue dismissal of these cases.”


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