Joost kills desktop app

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Joost kills desktop app

Chicago (IL) – Joost, founded by the Skype creators Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, has been downgraded to a YouTube clone as the company announced that it will disable streaming to its desktop client tomorrow.

Zennstrom’s and Friis’ initial vision of the future of TV has not worked out as planned. The Joost client will be obsolete as of tomorrow and the company will now focus on the flash-based Joost video site. Joost is expected to follow down the path of sites such as YouTube, Hulu and Veoh.

The proprietary Joost client, which was based on P2P technology, appeared to be more and more outdated in recent months as sites such as Hulu gained traction. While viewing videos on web video streaming services is a rather painless experience for users, Joost required users to frequently update their desktop client and maintain a user account.

Joost was released as a public beta in 2006 and was said to be a major development effort that involved more than 150 programmers at the time.