Palm software store opens for business … finally

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Palm software store opens for business ... finally

Milpitas (CA) – In a few weeks at CES, Palm will be making announcements regarding the Nova. It has been rumored that Palm will be launching their own application store, and they’ve done this exactly in time to make the Nova a strong contender against Apple’s iPhone and the Google Android.

This is a long anticipated release, considering that Palm was the inventor of the smartphone handheld device, but now they seem to be doing a great job at playing catch-up.

Palm should have used their pool of third-party and in-house applications to their advantage a long time ago, however they have waited. The Palm Software store has over 5,000 applications, 1,000 of which are free. This puts them ahead of Google with 10x more applications, and behind Apple, having 50 percent of the company’s software.

Palm’s store is currently available for download. The company is working in a partnership with PocketGear, a software vendor. Developers will see 50% of software sale revenues, which is a much smaller percentage than Google, Apple, and RIM offer.