Microsoft fixes Seadragon Mobile problems

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Microsoft fixes Seadragon Mobile problems

Redmond (WA) – Following the release of Seadragon Mobile three days ago – Microsoft’s first iPhone application – the software maker has fixed a bug that prevented users to browse Photosynth collections on their iPhones. According to Microsoft, problems affecting the “Browse Photosynth” feature in Seadragon Mobile for the iPhone and issues with synth collections have  been corrected. The application now also displays any Photosynth collection as a tile of 2D thumbnails that can be enlarged to reveal crisper details.

The current version of Seadragon Mobile does not enable users to view Photosynth collections as dotted 3D models as we have seen it on a desktop system. Unveiled last year, Photosynth technology lets users upload to Microsoft servers images of the same object or location at different angles. Server-side algorithms then analyze images and look for recurring objects to construct a dotted 3D representation of an object or location that users can share and view in their web browsers via the Photosynth plugin.

Seadragon is Microsoft Live Labs’ project created to enable efficient viewing gigapixel images on various display sizes, from large displays to MIDs. It works by loading only the pixel data that is necessary to fill the target device display at a specific zoom level, which allows even mobile phones to view large images over a 3G network.

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