Netflix blames Silverlight for the upcoming layoff of 50 employees

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Netflix blames Silverlight for the upcoming layoff of 50 employees

Netflix announced today on their corporate blog, that they would be letting go 50 individuals in their technical and customer service groups at the beginning of next year. The company does not blame the economy for their layoffs, rather Microsoft’s Silverlight.

From the blog:

“For those of you who watch movies instantly on your PC or Mac, you may have noticed our player is much easier to install and use now with Silverlight. The good news is fewer problems for you. The bad news is that we are now overstaffed with technical specialists in our Customer Service (CS) group. Fifty of these technical specialists will work through the holidays and then be let go in early January. Fifteen specialists will take new roles in the main customer service group.”

I found it not only odd that the company was laying off individuals after just recently changing its streaming technology, but even more discouraging that they posted it on their corporate blog in such an odd manner. Even odder, the post about lay-offs comes shortly after a post about all of the issues Netflix had with the streaming service.
One would think that tech support at this juncture would be necessary.

Steve Swasey Netflix vice president of corporate communications and author of the blog post told that “The tech support folks have been underutilized. They’re specialists and the calls are able to be managed by our main Customer Service group, which continues to grow. In January we will add at least as many people to the main CS group as we’re letting go from the tech group.”