Google enables AdWords campaigns for G1s and iPhones

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Google enables AdWords campaigns for G1s and iPhones

Chicago (IL) – Google today announced today that AdWords advertisers can now specifically target text and display ads to users of mobile phones with full web browsers, including the G1 and iPhone. Advertisers who do not wish to show their existing desktop and notebook ads on mobile phones can opt out and choose to show ads on desktop and laptop computers only.

Existing desktop and notebook ads automatically default to include mobile phones with full browsers. “A new campaign-level option allows AdWords advertisers to show their desktop text and image ads on the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1, and other mobile devices with full (HTML) Internet browsers,” said Alexandra Kenin, product marketing manager with Google’s mobile ads team.

AdWords advertisers who wish to target text or display ads for mobile phones with full browsers, like the G1 and iPhone, need to access campaign settings tab in their AdWords account to select the “iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers” under the “Networks and Bidding” section of the “Device Platform” option. (We found it somewhat interesting that Google did not mention its own Android platform in the option name.) The company said that text and display ads for iPhones and other mobile devices with full browsers will automatically display on additional devices with full web browsers that will enter the market in the future.

Google has been offering standard mobile ads for some time but the new feature lets advertisers target ads for display on mobile devices exclusively, create campaigns for them, and get separate performance reporting. Since advanced smartphones can now display full-blown web sites created for desktop computers, Google stressed that advertisers can point their mobile display and text ads to desktop landing pages to avoid having to create a separate mobile landing pages or ads in mobile formats.

The search company says the new offering lets advertisers reach mobile users ahead of the holiday season, stressing that an increasing number of searches are now conducted on smartphones.