Google’s Friend Connect now open to all websites

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Google’s Friend Connect now open to all websites

Mountain View (CA) – The battle to get control over your online identity is in full swing. Facebook Connect went online this week and Google also decided to place its similar Friend Connect into an open beta. Friend Connect was announced before as a limited preview release; now any site on the Internet can add Google Friend Connect as a login option.

Google Friend Connect allows other websites to accept a member’s OpenSocial username and password as login for multiple sites. It also enables websites to gain access to a user’s social data including items such as friend lists, profile information, reviews, ratings, and feed messages.

Because it is based on OpenID, visitors to a website that supports the Friend Connect code will be able to sign in utilizing their Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID username and passwords. The websites will also have the ability to add OpenSocial apps. The OAuth data portability standard is supported as well.

Because Facebook Connect is proprietary – and Google’s Friend Connect is not – this leaves the question wide open as to which method of identity and data portability will become a standard on the Internet. Which company will have control of the market? Friend Connect is open to everyone. However, Facebook has a gigantic user base and backing.

Let us know which model you prefer and leave a comment below.