Waiting on a CherryPal? Don’t hold your breath.

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Waiting on a CherryPal? Don’t hold your breath.

Opinion – Since I have yet to hear from one individual who has received a CherryPal PC, but I am told by the company that the devices are actually shipping, I am scratching my head over whether this is vaporware or not. I’m starting to get quite suspicious. The company claims that it “will have caught up [with preorders] at latest by December 15” and is not taking any more preorders at this time. 

Following our most recent article on CherryPal, we received plenty of messages from our readers complaining about shipment delays, not receiving replies to their emails to the company and not receiving refunds. Until today, we have been unable to find a single person who actually received a CherryPal PC. When the issue about refunds came up, we decided it was time to contact CherryPal again to see whether there are any changes to shipment plans.

He told us that the devices are in fact shipping and that pre-ordered units will be ship by December 15. The company does not take pre-orders anymore and there was no information how many CherryPals are shipping every day and how many have shipped already. CEO Max Seybold remained vague, but did say that the company “will publish actual numbers in January”.

So, should you wait for your CherryPal or should you go for a refund, if you pre-ordered the device? Your guess is as good as mine. We received emails from readers complaining that CherryPal was not replying to their emails anymore, but at least Seybold is still replying to us. Whether there will be a CherryPal in your future or not is unclear, but I would hope that the company can come up with some proof that the devices are actually shipping, since there is quite apparently doubt whether the CherryPal exists or not. And aside from the hardware, we are still waiting to hear about the cloud software behind the device, which once promised 50 GB of free online storage.

If Cherrypal can indeed send out its pre-ordered devices until December 15, it might be worth the wait. Since you have ordered it anyway, you may still want it. Seybold mentioned that “most customers prefer to receive a CherryPal.” But if they want a refund, Cherrypal will issue a check, Seybold said. If we believe our readers though, and answer might take some time, however.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the writer.