The first "affordable space tourist": A Danish entrepreneur

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The first "affordable space tourist": A Danish entrepreneur

Chicago (IL) – Per Wimmer, owner of investment bank Wimmer Financial and a space enthusiast hopes to become the world’s first “affordable” space tourist.

His space tour, scheduled for 2010, will allow him to ride “up front” in the Lynx, a 2-seater rocket powered suborbital space plane. The Lynx is about the size of a small personal jet and is designed to land and take of horizontally.

The Lynx will reach Mach 2 before it heads toward the edge of space, which will give passengers the chance to observe and feel the sensation of defying gravity and becoming weightless for a few minutes as they view the earth and its atmosphere from space. The round-trip flight to an altitude of almost 200,000 feet is estimated to take about thirty minutes.

XCOR Aerospace previously announced plans to undercut its competitors in regards to pricing. Wimmer’s flight into space is expected to cost will cost less than $100,000 – still a lot of money to most, but it is a fraction of the cost of previous space ventures, for example the trip of Richard Garriot.

The flight details are expected to be confirmed via a press release sometime today. Wimmer also reserved seats on flights with Space Adventures and Virgin Galactic, which are scheduled for later in 2010.

Wimmer said he has has gone through extensive training in preparation for his space travel. His training included Zero-G flying and centrifuge training.

“It’s the view of the earth I’m really looking forward to, I think it will be an unforgettable experience to see the dark of space against the curve of the earth,” Wimmer told the Daily Mail. “It will be a real race to see which of them goes up first – but if it is XCOR, I will become the first affordable space tourist.”

When he takes this flight, he will become the first Dane in space, and he hopes to walk on the moon sometime in the future.

This isn’t Wimmer’s only chance to make history. Yesterday, he was the first individual to successfully complete a tandem sky dive over Mount Everest, he landed safely breaking the record for longest jump,  – 9 kilometers or about 5.5 miles.  

See a slideshow of the Lynx here.

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