Google Maps and Streetview undergo redesign

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Google Maps and Streetview undergo redesign

Mountain View (CA) – Google Maps and Google Street View saw a major design change this morning and the results are pretty spectacular.

Google Maps Update (3 pictures)

Now users are able to drag “Pegman”, the little human figure, over any streets that light up, and get a great preview of the street for that location. Once Pegman lands, the entire map turns into a Street View viewer and provides an overview which areas are covered by this feature. There is also button that expands the entire view to the length of your browser. With the competition between MapQuest, Google, and Microsoft all increasing, features such as Street View and better image quality are necessary.

Companies are investing both their finances and time into bettering the map and search features because eventually this tool is expected to be an extremely commercialized part of search.

You can see the new features at Google Maps.