Microsoft commissions survey on Holiday 2008 buying habits

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Microsoft commissions survey on Holiday 2008 buying habits

Redmond (WA) – A survey conducted by Microsoft, Ipsos and StrategyOne shows that on average consumers will be spending $124 less (16%) than they did in 2007 (meaning they spent $775 in 2007). 60% of respondents are planning to stay at home or close to home in order to save money. 86% of young adults are hoping to get at least one video game, while 89% of all respondents are looking for gifts that “keep on giving.” Microsoft sees this trend as a unique opportunity to push Xbox. While the family stays home to save money, the thought of bringing them together over a new entertainment system and/or new games could be just the thing to keep close family ties – according to Microsoft.

Family fun

A separate survey conducted with Microsoft and Harris Interactive showed that 64% of parents would spend more time playing games with their families if the activity was something everyone could do together. At Microsoft, this means titles like “Scene It? Box Office Smash,” “Lips” and “You’re in the Movies” for the whole family fun.

And to support the idea of “the family that plays together stays together,” Microsoft has put together a new service.


Microsoft has launched the “Xbox Holiday Value Finder” website wherein Microsoft hopes to put things into their proper perspective. Let’s see what Microsoft has in mind…

Immediately on the front page we see the Xbox 360 starting at $199. Microsoft compares this to a “Family dinner out” which also starts at $199. Clicking the “Compare” button shows a happy family on the left playing Xbox 360 games. A caption reads, “Live Your ‘There’s A Game For all Of Us’ Moment.” On the right, scenes of kids rubbing food in each other’s face with the caption “…or find yourself thinking ‘That’s not what I ordered.’

[On a side note, the dinner shown on the table consists of what looks like chicken burgers, French fries and some kind of chocolate desert. There are only four family members shown on the left image, and only two on the right (though there would be at least one other parent and probably more parents and kids). So we here at TG Daily were wondering – where is the $199 family out meal? $20 per member on average ($12 for burger plus fries, $6 desert, $2 drink), totals $80 for food for four. Maybe $120 for food if you really stretch it. So, where’d the extra $79 to $119 come from? A big tip? Oh! We forgot. Advertising.]

Clicking through the “Compare” button again cycles a new image. We find the mighty Xbox 360 starting at $199, this time along with a “New family pet” which also starts at $199. We didn’t click the “compare” button this time – mostly out of fear.


The theme appears to be Xbox 360 really does bring the family together. Plus, it makes sense alongside the other everyday, “normal” life purchases, such as $200 family meals out and $200 pet purchases. And while we here at TG Daily could see buying a purebred pup for $200 or more, we find it hard to believe that an average family meal out would cost $200, unless of course you’re the Duggars.