Valve selling Half-Life for 98 cents

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Valve selling Half-Life for 98 cents

Bellevue (WA) – Ok, we admit it, there are ways to get Half-Life for free, you may even have a copy in a graphics card box in your closet (at least I do in the box of the original ATI Radeon AIW), but we felt it was worth noting that Valve’s Half-Life game turned 10 today and the company is celebrating the birthday with a 98 cent edition of the game.

Valve said that the deal will be available on its Steam Network until 12:01 am PST on November 21. The company claims that the Half-Life franchise so far sold 20 million units.

Half-Life was first released by Sierra Games on November 19, 1998. The game was developed on top of a modified Quake engine called GoldSrc. Half-Life is still believed to be the most played online game (excluding MMORPGs). According to GameSpy, Half-Life is played by about 31,500 players, more than twice the number of Call of Duty 4, which is estimated at about 16,000 players.