iPod supply could be affected by suits filed against Samsung

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iPod supply could be affected by suits filed against Samsung

San Jose (CA) – Spansion, a Silicon Valley-based flash memory chip manufacturer filed two broad patent infringement complaints against Samsung, the dominant flash manufacturer in the world.

Spansion claims that the company has made several attempts over the last few years to negotiate a licensing agreement with Samsung regarding Spansion patents, which the firms say are violated by Samsung’s products. Spansion representatives said that they are open to reaching a reasonable licensing agreement with Samsung – an offer which was obviously rejected and resulted in an ITC complaint and a patent infringement suit.

In its 43-page complaint filed with the International Trade Commission in Washington, claims that Samsung infringes on 10 patented Spansion technologies. Spansion hopes that complaint will result in halting the import of more than 100 million devices that integrate Samsung flash chips such as music players, including iPods and iPhones, cell phones, cameras, and small laptop computers into the United States. These devices all utilize Samsung’s flash memory chips.

In a case filed in Delaware, Spansion hopes to get an injunction and triple damages for patent violations in regards to the Samsung products. The company estimates that Samsung currently sells $7 billion worth of infringing chips each year.

Samsung did not comment on Spansion’s claims.