Man beat up, robbed after posting Craigslist ad

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Man beat up, robbed after posting Craigslist ad

Tigard (OR) – Ah the wonderful world of Craigslist robberies took an interesting turn this week as a Tigard Oregon man was beaten up and robbed by people responding to his online ad.  An unidentified man and women went to the victim’s home at 10 PM on Tuesday night and then proceeded to pistol whip the victim.  The couple then stole the man’s wallet, mobile phone and pickup truck that was parked in the garage.

The victim was tied up with duct tape and zip ties, but he managed to free himself and run to a neighbor’s house.  Fortunately, his injuries were minor and he was admitted and released from the hospital the same night.  His truck on the other hand was found in a nearby field the next morning.

Interestingly enough, the police and the victim aren’t saying what the Craigslist ad was about, so it really makes you wonder why anyone would invite complete strangers into their house in the middle of the night.  My guess is that it probably wasn’t for a Nintendo Wii.

While this robbery isn’t as spectacular as the infamous armored car robber who used Craigslist decoys to confuse responding police, it does highlight the ever growing concern over safely responding to ads on the popular site.  It was just last month that we wrote about several recent Craigslist-related robberies and police stings.

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