Blizzcon’s goodie bag and the insane prices it fetches

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Blizzcon’s goodie bag and the insane prices it fetches

Anaheim (CA) – If you missed this past weekend’s Blizzcon convention in Anaheim, then you not only missed out on a great show, but also an awesome goodie bag.  Unlike other conventions, you don’t get a worthless backpack and carrying back at Blizzcon, in fact the show is known for giving out perhaps the best and most valuable attendee bags around.  Want to know what was inside?  Take a look in our picture gallery.

SLIDESHOW: Blizzcon goodie bagOf course many of the items were pure commercial propaganda, but there were some great novelty items like Diablo mints, Blizzard hand sanitizer on a mini-carabiner and “QQ Noob” tissue paper.  Some attendees also received a inflatable Dwarf Paladin while others were given a blowup Frostmourne sword.

But the best loot in the bag was the Polar Bear mount card.  The card has a scratch off code for an in-game World of Warcraft polar bear mount and Murloc (waving a Blizzcon flag) rider.  Just this card alone has been fetching $250 to $400 on eBay.  I was told by several friends that a person standing out the convention center was offering $800 to anyone willing to part with the card.  Too bad I didn’t find him in time.