Cubs fan unsuccessfully tries to eBay his loyalty

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Cubs fan unsuccessfully tries to eBay his loyalty

Chicago (IL) – A disgruntled Chicago Cubs fan has unsuccessfully tried to auction off his team loyalty on eBay.  30-year-old Scot Moore (yes purposely spelled with one t) promised to switch teams for the highest bidder, with the money going to two local charities.  eBay has since yanked the auction because it violates the company’s terms of use.

Mr. Moore placed the auction after the Cubs lost game 2 of the National League Division playoffs to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Bids for auction 1202313290200 had reached an impressive $7100 dollars before being pulled by eBay.

eBay pulled the auction because it violated two rules.  First, the auctioneer only allows tangible items to be sold and of course someone’s loyalty doesn’t really fit the bill here.  Secondly, eBay said the charity couldn’t be verified which is strange because Moore was going to donate the proceeds to the Cromulent Shakespeare Company and the new Profrock Theatre.  Both are funded by the Springboard for the Arts, a 501 non-profit organization.  Moore plans on a new auction and will add a baseball mitt to appease eBay officials.

Really though, who can blame Mr. Moore for selling his loyalty.  The Cubs had a fantastic regular season, with the best national league record, this year, but absolutely choked in the playoffs eventually losing in three straight games.  In what many people call the Cubs’ Curse, the team hasn’t been to the World Series in 100 years.  Ouch.

Incidentally, the $7100 bid was from a Chicago White Sox fan.