Warhammer Online chief bans thousands of gold farmers, tells them “go to hell”

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Warhammer Online chief bans thousands of gold farmers, tells them “go to hell”

San Mateo (CA) – EA/Mythic’s General Manager Mark Jacobs says gold farmers aren’t welcome in Warhammer Online and adds quite forcefully that they can, “go to hell”.  Jacobs recently posted in a blog that he’s instructed his staff to immediately and publically ban all gold farmers.  To add insult to injury, he says Warhammer Online has a strike team devoted to exterminating gold farmers from the game.

SLIDESHOW: Warhammer Online screenshots“I HATE GOLD SELLERS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING,” Jacobs wrote and this should leave no doubt as to how he feels about people who sell virtual gold for real cash.  Gold farmers have been around ever since the days of Ultima Online and the business is quite profitable.  These businesses often employ low-wage people who spend hours toiling for virtual loot to sell to other players.  The gold farmers then turn around and sell the virtual gold for tens to hundreds of real dollars.

These gold farmers will often advertise items and gold on public chat channels and this annoys players and Jacobs alike.  “I hated seeing their messages when I played WoW or any other MMO,” Jacobs says.  Now that he’s the head of his own MMO, Jacobs has launched his own crusade against gold farmers.

“I’ve been waiting for the day that WAR launched so I could have the absolute pleasure of instituting policies to make their lives more difficult so we could drive them out of WAR.”

So far, 400 gold farmers have been banned and Jacobs says he’s instructed his “strike teams” to have a no tolerance policy against anyone who spams the chat channels for virtual loot or gold.  Such people will be banned immediately.  “My guys ban their useless, time-consuming butts right away,” wrote Jacobs.

To top it all off, the bans are now broadcasted to the public via server-wide messages like, “Tchar’zanek has ordered the slaughter of [Spammer].”

Jacobs bristles at the notion that he is banning the gold farmers for personal gain.  Some people may think Mythic will start selling its own gold, but he just won’t do it.  He adds that he’s even been offered a “very, very tidy sum” to look the other way on gold farming.  His very simple answer to that, “Go to hell.”

EDIT – The banning is fast and furious.  There’s a “BanHammer” announcement on the Warhammer Online page that lists 7600+ accounts banned so far.

Mark Jacobs blog