Navy computer admin pilfers $1.6 million in gear

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Navy computer admin pilfers $1.6 million in gear

Calvert County (MD) – Ah the life of a computer worker.  You’re expected to work long hours and many of us even work at home, but a former Navy computer administrator took this work ethic to the extreme.  The man had been working at the Navy Research Lab in Washington DC since 1989 and is accused of stealing $1.6 million dollars worth of office supplies and equipment from the lab.

Police discovered the stash of supplies after his wife accused him of domestic violence last year.  In all, the suspect took spindles of CDs, hard drives, floppy disks and even Post-It notes.  I shudder to think how many packets of Post-Its he must have taken.  Apparently he took so much gear that the wife begged police to clean up the mess.

The domestic violence charge has been dropped, but the man is now being charged with stealing federal property.  He also resigned from his position back in August.

Moral of the story here – Don’t piss off your wife!

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