Is Facebook really a place to watch TV?

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Is Facebook really a place to watch TV?

Opinion – On Wednesday, Slide, the Widget start-up primarily responsible for delivering individuals photo slideshows and videos announced that it would be hosting video from CBS, Warner Brothers, and Hulu on Facebook. This is the beginning of a new Facebook application that is being worked on in partnership with FunSpace Channels that will open today. Facebook and TV? Does that go together?

I personally must admit that this saddens me, as Facebook’s appeal for me has always been that it is so opposite MySpace. MySpace allows users to bog down their page with text, music, photos and video- consuming my bandwidth and irritating me to death. Facebook on the other hand, I’ve always loved for its simplicity and ease of use. It can be used in both my professional and personal life and it’s not covered with colors, widgets and videos.

Facebook offers person-to person and person to group communication venues. It is more communication-based rather than entertainment-based. I feel like Facebook is starting to become trendy, and more media and advertisement oriented. It’s no longer the Facebook I used to love.

When Facebook opened the doors to application developers last year, I knew it was doomed. It was the start of Facebook appearing more like MySpace. The new redesign took Facebook back to the days of simplicity requiring users to actually click a tab to view the widgets and applications of their friends. I really thought Facebook was headed back toward a communication-geared website.

I am not impressed with the television-on-Facebook concept. Warner Brothers, CBS, and Hulu all currently have their own sites for streaming media- and when I want to watch TV on the web, that’s where I go to. The last thing I am interested in doing is logging on to Facebook and watching my shows through what is already slow and quirky at times when it comes to using applications. I am probably not alone in saying that if I want to see a clip from my favorite show I’m headed straight for YouTube, or the television network itself.

Facebook needs to be left alone, and left to what it’s designed for – communication and keeping in touch on a professional and personal level. Leave the streaming media, and bandwidth eating applications to MySpace.