Craigslist decoys help armored car robber make his getaway

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Craigslist decoys help armored car robber make his getaway

Monroe (WA) – No this isn’t a movie script, but it sure reads like one.  On Tuesday September 30, an armored car robber used Craigslist and an inner tube to make his getaway.  The man pepper sprayed an armored car guard as he was making a drop at the Monroe Washington Bank of America.  He took a “large sum of money”, according to police, and floated down the river on an inner tube.  So where does Craigslist come into play here?  Keep reading …

At approximately 11 AM, the suspect showed up at the bank wearing a blue shirt, goggles and dust mask.  It’s pretty obvious that he was trying to look like a bug sprayer and was carrying a pump spraying to complete the ruse.  Apparently the disguise worked as none of the employees or patrons paid him any attention.  He sprays the guard and then rides an inner tube down the Skykomish river where police say an accomplice picked him up afterwards.

The suspect covered his tracks by hiring several people who looked exactly like him.  A few days before, someone placed a Craigslist ad requesting day laborers for a road maintenance project.  The workers were expected to meet in front of the Bank of America at, you guessed it, Sept 30 at 11 AM and were instructed to wear yellow safety vests, safety goggles, respirator masks and blue shirts.

The ad offered the workers $28.50 an hour – not too shabby a rate for such work – and thirteen people reported for “work” at the bank.

Of course there wasn’t any work for these guys and police are now trying to track down the poster of the Craigslist ad.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in the robbery.

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